Optimizing wealth for Business Owners

Knowing that their personal and company finances are connected, business owners want assistance with optimizing both their individual and business wealth. At Woodforest Wealth Strategies, clients will find fresh ideas and specialized planning designed to maximize the financial well-being of their enterprise and family – including building a legacy for the next generation.

Having a company retirement plan allows business owners to prepare and save for their own future, as well as retain key staff members, reward loyal employees and attract new workers. Our team can help you select and manage the plan that is the best fit for both you and your business, then assist with the Investment Policy Statement, investment recommendations, provider reviews, annual reviews and plan education for employees.

Offering a competitive, yet cost-efficient, group employee benefits package is another way to attract and retain valued employees. Because of the ever-changing landscape of benefit plans and regulations, our firm offers a dedicated team that specializes in every phase, from the initial cost analysis to final contract negotiation. After a group benefits plan is adopted, our team will continue to provide compliance updates, employee education and relevant materials to your HR staff.

At some point, every business owner will have to address the challenges of finding a successor or selling the business, even if that decision is years away. Having an exit strategy is essential, as it impacts not only the company, but also your personal retirement and family legacy. Should ownership transfer to your family members, employees or an outside party? What happens in the event of an incapacitating health event or death? How can you withdraw money from the business in a tax-efficient manner? We help you answer these important questions and smooth the transition by building a succession plan to serve as your exit strategy.

Services for business owners include:

  • Business sales and valuations
  • Business succession planning
  • Company retirement plans
  • Personalized wealth and investment management for business owners
  • Risk management
  • Lending solutions
  • Insurance and annuities
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Cash management