Knowledgeable insight for our corporate clients

The advisors at Woodforest Wealth Strategies provide corporate finance and advisory services along with full-service investment management, risk management and investment banking capabilities to a full spectrum of business clients – from small, privately held companies to public middle-market corporations.

Corporations can benefit from the wide range of essential financial services our team provides. One key area is helping clients design and manage their corporate retirement plans and employee benefit programs, which can assist with attracting and retaining quality employees while simultaneously providing a strategy for company owners and executives to plan and invest for their own futures.

Assistance with the responsibility and management of these plans is provided at every stage. Our advisors are highly experienced in helping business clients and their HR departments analyze potential providers prior to inception, stay up to date on changing regulations and compliance requirements, and meet their fiduciary duties associated with establishing, implementing, maintaining and monitoring the plans.

Other essential services include designing, managing and rebalancing company investment portfolios; identifying and assessing managing risks to their businesses; and raising debt or equity capital. Our team also offers a full range of investment banking services to assist business clients with selling their company, or merging with or acquiring other companies.

Interest rate swaps are another available tool to potentially reduce exposure to interest rate fluctuations or obtain a marginally lower interest rate than would be possible without the swap. There are many factors involved in this transaction that are given careful consideration by our team.

Among the many corporate and executive services available from Woodforest Wealth Strategies are directed share programs, equity compensation plan administration, at-the-market offerings, affiliate and shareholder block transactions, 105b-1 plan design and execution, and corporate share repurchases.

Sustainable investing is a rising priority today among companies and its investors. Also known also as environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, it describes investment strategies that seek to accommodate social, environmental and sustainability goals. Our team can offer guidance for helping you and your company participate in this growing movement.

Services for corporations include:

  • Business retirement plan consulting
  • Group employee benefit plan design and administration (including group health insurance)
  • Access to a broad range of insurance carriers
  • Investment banking
  • Investment management and portfolio design
  • Lending solutions (including interest rate swaps)
  • Risk management