Addressing the needs of your Institution

Public and private institutions such as nonprofits, endowments, foundations and local governments count on seasoned guidance from Woodforest Wealth Strategies. Our team works closely with their directors, board members and other professional advisors such as trustees, attorneys and CPAs to adhere to a high standard of care.

These institutional clients serve as financial stewards entrusted with the financial resources of others and have an obligation to act as a prudent expert in decision making, and in the best interest of those they serve. It’s why they seek our insight in developing and executing a prudent investment process to guide them.

Since no two institutional clients are exactly alike in their needs, objectives and circumstances, having a well-defined plan is also imperative. This begins with an Investment Policy Statement designed to bring continuity to the decision-making even as committee members and fiduciaries change.

This statement serves as the foundation for how the investment program is expected to operate, defining clear risk and return objectives, performance evaluation standards, and any portfolio constraints and other parameters that must be considered.

Once the plan is established, our team employs an extensive monitoring program to scrutinize investment returns, asset allocation and expenses to help ensure that all plan aspects are performing as designed. We meet with each client on a regularly scheduled basis to make recommendations and updates to the plan and address important aspects such as cash flow management, risk management and tax liability.